PennApps XV

Traveling to PennApps?

If you've been accepted to PennApps XV (Winter 2017) from another school, please refer to the guidelines below when making travel arrangements:

Many schools will have buses

We will provide buses to and from select schools via Sharethebus, a bus sharing service. If we are sending a bus to your area, your “travel method” will be listed as “chartered bus”. A student bus representative will reach out to you regarding bus departure and arrival times as well as the sign up location. Seats are reserved on a first come, first serve basis until the bus fills to capacity by following the sign-up form from your bus rep's email. If you delay too long, your bus rep may assign your seat to someone on the waitlist. Reserving this seat will be at no cost and you won’t need to apply for reimbursement.

Book Your Travel ASAP

If you are traveling via flight, Amtrak, or public bus, you will have 5 days to RSVP and upload your receipts and forms from the day you receive your acceptance email. After this period, we cannot guarantee admission and will not increase your travel cap.

For every travel region, we've done research to find average prices for reimbursable travel that will have you here for the entire event. We will only reimburse you up to this amount.

If you research transportation from your location and find the travel cap to be unreasonable, feel free to contest it with us by emailing [email protected]

Dates and Times

You should anticipate arriving by 4 PM Friday, January 20th and leaving after 5 PM on Sunday, January 22nd.

Staying Sunday Night

If you cannot book travel for Sunday night and want to leave on Monday morning, please try and arrange to stay with a Penn friend on campus. We can try and help you arrange somewhere to stay, but cannot guarantee availability.

Unusual Travel Plans

As mentioned earlier, we will not cover any costs exceeding the travel cap we've provided for you. You will need to pay any additional costs associated with alternate travel reservations, such as leaving late on Friday to avoid missing a class.

Getting to the event

The event will be at the University of Pennsylvania School of Engineering and Applied Science, 220 S. 33rd Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104.


The cheapest way to get to Penn Engineering by yourself from the airport is to take the SEPTA regional rail airport line. University City station is a very short walk from Penn Engineering. The fare is $8 cash either way. A taxi or Uber is cheaper if four people pool together. We will not reimburse for travel costs within Philadelphia.

Trains and Buses

Trains and Buses will stop at the 30th Street Train Station, which is a few blocks from Penn Engineering and is easily walkable.

Drive if you can!

It's generally a cheaper and more convenient option, particularly if a few hackers carpool together. We will pay for gas and help you find a place to park. The total cap of everyone carpooling will be the sum of the individual caps of all accepted hackers.

When submitting your driving receipts, You must add a screenshot clearly showing the distance and endpoints of the drive from Google maps. You will be reimbured $0.29 per mile travelled.

We process a lot of reimbursements -- help us help you

Venmo Reimbursement

Check Reimbursement

Other Details

Please feel free to contact

At [email protected]